A Traveling Musician’s Guide to Rebuilding Communities

Dar Williams performs at a Book City Roanoke event

Dar Williams came to Roanoke to share her passion for building community. As a traveling musician she has canvased the world gaining insight on how communities are nurtured. In some cases she’d perform in a listening room or coffee house in a rundown section of town, just to return a few short years later to find a growing community. The arts can do that.

The Book City Roanoke event was the last in a series of book club style meetings discussing Williams’ book “What I Found in a Thousand Towns: A Traveling Musician’s Guide to Rebuilding America’s Communities.” The audience, both in person and via a live stream provided by New Moon Creative Media, enjoyed the conversation between New York Times Best Selling Author Beth Macy and Williams. Audience members asked Williams questions. Those watching the streams also submitted their questions via social media.


Williams writes from personal experience. That is especially true in her songs. Williams treated the audience to several songs. In this video she sings “The Hudson.” She wrote this song in 2005, it was during a time she was realizing there’s no place like home. Williams was born in Mount Kisco, New York, and grew up in Chappaqua. “The Hudson,” is a tribute to one of the most prominent features of her home state.
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