Corporate video-Evergreen History

A great way for customers to get to know you is by using video. These corporate videos afford your company the opportunity to tell your story, share your mission and reveal your corporate culture to potential employees. You can use these web videos on your sites and social media accounts.

How Evergreen uses this corporate video

Mariner Media, Inc., contracted New Moon Creative Media to produce this three-minute history video for Evergreen Memorial Trust. Evergreen used the video as a part of their yearlong celebration of its century milestone. The company continues to use it on its website. It shows customers that the company was founded on principles of providing cutting edge services and that those principles are still in practice today.

Corporate video production

The owner of Evergreen Memorial Trust, Don Wilson, is the face and voice of the company. To create the narrative, Don answered interview questions. New Moon organized the answers to create a cohesive narrative.  Denise Allen Membreño

“Century of Service” came out February 2016

gathered the historical elements when researching Evergreen: A Century of Service, a book chronicling the history of the company.

New Moon shot the video elements during previous commercial shoots. The Canon 7D captured the beautiful depth of field on Don’s interview.  We shot his interview in the Chapel of Light at Evergreen Burial Park in Roanoke, Virginia.
A corporate video is a reflection of your company. How you look in that video, the way it is lit and edited, will determine how potential clients or employees view your business. What are you trying to say? Let us help you tell your story.

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Corporate video-Evergreen History

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